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KJ Intake Calculator

Do You Know How Much Energy Your Body Needs?

In order to remain in the healthy weight range it is important to know how much food our body requires. This may give an indication to how your energy needs differ from the average adult intake.

Please note these energy intakes are based on maintaining your current weight. If your BMI and waist circumference measurements indicate you are outside the healthy weight range (underweight or overweight) it is important to adjust your energy (kJ) intake accordingly. Subtract 2000kJ per day to energy requirements to decrease weight by 0.5kg per week. Add 2000kJ per day to energy requirements to increase weight by 0.5kg per week.

For advice on healthy weight management visit an Accredited Practising Dietitian. For details contact the Dietitians Association of Australia: www.daa.asn.au or ph (02) 6282 9555

To find out your daily energy requirements (in kilojoules kJ) enter your details into the following equation:

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BMI Calculator
Are you in the healthy weight range?

One way to check if your weight falls into the healthy weight range is to calculate your Body Mass Index.

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