Every day, from Tassie to the Top End, millions of Australians enjoy Tip Top® products. So we know we have can make a positive difference to the health of Aussies just about everywhere. Even a small change to our products for the better can have a huge impact.


Bread gives us more dietary fibre than any other food group, and is a valuable source of plant proteins, vitamins and minerals. It’s an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet. Did you know that less than one third of Aussie adults are getting enough fibre in their diets? That’s why we have minimum fibre amounts for our core sliced breads, to ensure every product can claim “source of protein” or better. Our packaging also clearly communicates the whole grain content of our products wherever we can.


Breads and rolls contribute to sodium intake, so we are dedicated to driving down the sodium content across our range. We are committed to meeting the voluntary targets of the Australian Government’s Healthy Food Partnership to make positive changes to the sodium content of our products. We have already started rolling this out across our product range and are continuously working to drive these numbers down.


Our regular sliced bread does not have added sugar and we’ve removed all added sugar from our Tip Top® regular fruit breads too.


As early adopters of the Health Star Rating, we’ve included this system on our products for over 5 years. We are proud that the average Health Star Rating of our entire range is 4.0 stars. We’re continually looking to improve our products, making sure Aussies have access to a wide variety of nutritious choices.


To make sure we stay on top of all things nutrition, we work closely with external nutrition organisations such as the Australian Food and Grocery Council, Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council, Glycemic Index Foundation, Coeliac Australia and FODMAP Friendly to ensure our products are developed using the best practice standards, seeded in nutritional science when it comes to sharing nutritional benefits.